Job Opportunities


We will have one position for Postdoc in the area of low-noise circuits for autonomic neural recording and neuromodulation. The candidate is preferred to have the credential of multiple tape outs in analog, mixed-signal integrated circuits design. The candidate is required to have prior experience with neural recording and stimulation circuits. Additional experience in physiology, biology, signal processing, and system integration is a plus. The successful candidates should have experience in writing scientific communications and presenting research findings at local and national conferences. The candidates should be able to work as a team member in a fast-paced research environment. Salary is commensurate with experience and qualification.

PhD student

We will take one to two PhD students in the area of autonomic neural recording and stimulation, closed-loop neuromodulation (deep learning model and physiology experiments), and super-resolution sensing. Prospective Ph.D. students should have a strong background in integrated circuits, mathematical modeling, machine learning, or computational neuroscience. Experience in a laboratory performing neurophysiological recordings and stimulation is desirable.

Undegraduate student

We will take one undergraduate student to work on a smart insole technology, link.


Interested candidates should submit a resume to Shortlisted applicants will be contacted.